Tuesday, February 22, 2011

my WORST nightmare

my worst nightmare is making a spelling mistake on a cake and ending up on cake wrecks. i hopefully won't get that far with this one. the entire time i was making this cake i kept double checking to make sure that i was spelling everything correctly.... i just noticed now, that i did not. might want to do that in the future if you are make a cake WITH WORDS ON IT!!! what a.... dork. here it is without further need for more of an intro:

new beginning's cake

yesterday and ALL of today i was working on a cake. it is for a group of girls at our church called young women. their program tonight was an inspirational way to start off the new year and set goals for themselves of things to achieve both short and long term. i made a cake for these wonderful, beautiful and sweet girls. once i was one of them, but i am sure i wasn't so sweet! ;) i love them and i love their potential.
my idea for the cake was to take their values and put them onto the cake:

divine nature
individual worth
choice and accountability
good works
integrity AND

while making the cake it made me think of being a young woman again.... what i was like then and who i became. anyways, enough sappy stuff, i am not usually like this. maybe it's because i am running on 4.5 hours of sleep and i sniffed up enough "AmeriaMist" color from my air brushed that I am sure I will have black lung by the morning... literally, the inside of my nose is black and I WENT OUT LIKE THAT!! luckily i am already married because i know i am way past help. my hubby is a great man.

wow, enough blabber. so last night my goal was to get the icing onto the cake and get them smoothed, stacked and ready to go. just when i thought i was going to be done, i put the top tier on crooked and had to fix it and then it made a HUGE mess. i did swear. and then i got it together and kept going, until 2:30AM when i finally got things somewhat back to how it had looked before this -

i know i shouldn't swear, but at that time of day... i am just glad that i didn't punch it!!!

so today i worked on cutting out letters and spraying them so i could finish decorating the cake. it did not turn out at all how i had planned, but i ran out of time (like always) and barely got the cake to the church on time (lol, i'm so funny).

but really, i was there minutes before they finished, and i was still an hour late. so here is the final product, i am very glad that i kept all the million hearts that i cut out for v-day or i would have been up the proverbial creek.

overall i think it turned out just fine.

Monday, February 21, 2011

valentine's day fun

for the month of february, i think i have been baking almost every day. i still have two more cakes to finish before the end of the week and i am really tired, but still excited to finish them up. i LOVE to decorate, just incake.... um, ya, tired.... just in case you didn't know. i have them both baked and one half iced so i am almost to my favorite part!!! but before you get to see them (they aren't even done yet so you can't because i don't completely know what they are going to look like yet) i will show you what i came up with for the rest of this month.

some for birthdays...

some for school....

and some for my sweeties to decorate! they really did a good job and had a lot of fun. i just love these little stinkers!

hope your valentine's day was a hoot!

gingerbread is not just a good cookie!

i made this cake for an office for Christmas. it was a gingerbread cake with beer in it! i don't drink so i felt pretty stupid going into the store and asking where the beer even was. but i found it. it was a dark something-or-other, in with a purple label. it had a hint of chocolate behind it, so i was told. so i snapped it up and came home. i was so proud of myself because i actually kind of created the recipe for it so i was really excited. (all i really did was combine 2 recipes and make one that i thought would be good, but i am still calling it my very own! well i did modify it and make it mine.) the ginger in it was actual chunks of crystallized ginger and that was the highlight... it was delish!

cute carrots

i love carrots. i love carrot cake. for this cake i decided that i would leave the icing carrots on the back burner and do some little fondant carrots. they were really easy and fun and they turned out pretty cute!

the next series of pictures on my computer after the carrot cake was me in a bikini! LOL.... really LOL. i am 40 lbs overweight, due to eating fondant carrots instead of real carrots (and a few other cake products...) and it was really funny to see that picture. luckily i didn't post that one or you all would have barfed. i will maybe post an after picture one of these years. in the mean time i better put those "before" pictures in a vault!

nothing to do with cake

i have had a few people bug me for the fact that i like to have a clean house. i can't thrive or think very well if it is not organized or appears to be tidy. this brings me to the point that when i am caking i get very stressed out because it is a disaster - yes - disaster!!! so here is a pic to prove it. i actually had to stop and laugh because i totally ran out of counter space and my littlest one started putting stuff all over the floor. i couldn't even think of what i had to do next until i found a small space and went from there.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

i am almost ready...

i know i have been away FOREVER! but we moved and we don't have internet except for what we can sponge off of the wireless of some unsuspecting soul, thus making my blogging time impossible. but i promise, i am coming back to it soon and i have some fun new stuff to put up on here. see you soon!!!