Saturday, April 17, 2010

worth their weight??

any guesses on how much this cake weighs? let me know what you think. i will tell you in a few days...
there is a point in time when i do a cake, that i HATE it. (this would be that particular moment)

truly, and absolutely HATE it. i fret, and freak out, wondering how i am going to make it work, pondering if i should just go buy a DQ cake for a customer.

then i get to my favorite part - decorating. i LOVE decorating the cake. i could easily do without the fuss of making the cake, leveling it, assembling it, coloring and tinting fondant and icing and then getting the icing and or fondant onto the cake. it is a challenge at time and although i do love a challenge, with the wee ones running around and screaming, i could just as soon take the easier way out. that easier way would be to have someone else do all of the rest for me, and i could just decorate it.

again that being said, when it is over and done with, i love the feeling of accomplishment that i have finished it... ALL of it. my kitchen is exhausted and tired of being dirty, and so am i, but I can't help but stare at the masterpiece (i know, a little dramatic) and smile, knowing i did it all. it is kind of like having a baby, without the major pain and drama that that entails (details sparing).

this is my baby... there is a reason that Heavenly Father created him to be so cute. this is the reason:
if he wasn't cute, he'd be in some serious trouble! trying to eat my cake for a customer, through a tough layer of saran wrap. i will say that i do admire his persistance and that he would do anything to have a taste... just like his mommy!