Wednesday, October 13, 2010

for Jen

upon leaving spin class last week i was told that i needed to update my blog.... an acquaintance of mine was waiting for a new post. so this is for her! wink wink (please let me off next class.... kidding)

for this month's cake for my hubby's work, i decided that i would do a pumpkin spice cake, with a fall theme. i have been dying to try another barrel cake with leaves. i did one last year, but it was my first and i didn't love it. but the one that i was going to try, was hoping i would. i had a few more tools and a few more idea's of what i wanted to create this year. so without further babble, here it is! I DO LOVE IT!
it took me quite a few hours to make all the leaves but they looked so great! i was talking to my bro-in-law on the phone as i was caking and he was telling me that most barrel's don't have a gold band and that i could use black! he saved me a bunch of time as i already had black made up and i had no clue how i was going to make gold with just a bit of shimmer dust. so thanks Spence!!!

i loved doing the wood grain barrel. it was really easy to do and it is fun to be creative. i thought it also turned out really well. i might frame this one and put it up on the wall with the pic's of my kids, who by the way are being neglected because all i take pictures of lately is of my cakes... what a bad mom!
see, they are still ok!

one reason i LOVE fall

i was baking a pumpkin spice cake yesterday and when came to the part of adding the spices in with the flour, i realized why i must love fall so much.

it looks like food! just kidding, i LOVE the warm colors of the spices. then i thought about how i would paint my next house ground clove, ginger and cinnamon. i just loved it! what a great idea, i was planning and thinking and - "Geneva, it's your turn to change the baby's bum." fine. back to reality. but i am holding that thought...

two little boys

a friend of mine called me and asked me to make her two cakes... one with Woody from Toy Story, and one with Buzz from Toy Story. so, in true style, i spent hours looking on line trying to figure out what i would do. so many of the pictures of Woody and Buzz are of them together so it was tricky to come up with an idea where they were separate. but, i finally did.

i decided that i would do colorflow to make their images and set to work tinting the 20 different colors. i like to let my color flow dry for at least 48 hours before i peel it off the wax paper, so i carefully removed the images and set to work filling and icing the cakes.

well i got Woody on just fine and then it was time for Buzz. while i was trying to place him on the cake, i broke his number three in about 8 places. with just getting ready to take the cakes out the door, i knew i didn't have time to do another colorflow - obviously!! but for once in my cake life, i didn't panic. i knew how i would fix this one. i re-traced the inside of the three (the yellow is where it was the worst) and then refilled it. you could tell as it was drying the it was filling in the old cracks, but at least it didn't look so ghetto! here is the final project...s.