Wednesday, October 13, 2010

two little boys

a friend of mine called me and asked me to make her two cakes... one with Woody from Toy Story, and one with Buzz from Toy Story. so, in true style, i spent hours looking on line trying to figure out what i would do. so many of the pictures of Woody and Buzz are of them together so it was tricky to come up with an idea where they were separate. but, i finally did.

i decided that i would do colorflow to make their images and set to work tinting the 20 different colors. i like to let my color flow dry for at least 48 hours before i peel it off the wax paper, so i carefully removed the images and set to work filling and icing the cakes.

well i got Woody on just fine and then it was time for Buzz. while i was trying to place him on the cake, i broke his number three in about 8 places. with just getting ready to take the cakes out the door, i knew i didn't have time to do another colorflow - obviously!! but for once in my cake life, i didn't panic. i knew how i would fix this one. i re-traced the inside of the three (the yellow is where it was the worst) and then refilled it. you could tell as it was drying the it was filling in the old cracks, but at least it didn't look so ghetto! here is the final project...s.

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