Wednesday, October 13, 2010

for Jen

upon leaving spin class last week i was told that i needed to update my blog.... an acquaintance of mine was waiting for a new post. so this is for her! wink wink (please let me off next class.... kidding)

for this month's cake for my hubby's work, i decided that i would do a pumpkin spice cake, with a fall theme. i have been dying to try another barrel cake with leaves. i did one last year, but it was my first and i didn't love it. but the one that i was going to try, was hoping i would. i had a few more tools and a few more idea's of what i wanted to create this year. so without further babble, here it is! I DO LOVE IT!
it took me quite a few hours to make all the leaves but they looked so great! i was talking to my bro-in-law on the phone as i was caking and he was telling me that most barrel's don't have a gold band and that i could use black! he saved me a bunch of time as i already had black made up and i had no clue how i was going to make gold with just a bit of shimmer dust. so thanks Spence!!!

i loved doing the wood grain barrel. it was really easy to do and it is fun to be creative. i thought it also turned out really well. i might frame this one and put it up on the wall with the pic's of my kids, who by the way are being neglected because all i take pictures of lately is of my cakes... what a bad mom!
see, they are still ok!


  1. How did you do the leaves? And the barrel? And...and....seriously though...I'm learning how to operate my own blog.