Sunday, July 10, 2011

raspberries and lemons

the other day i started to make a cake for a very special little girl. i am not done her cake yet but i will show you pic's when it is finished. she is getting baptized and i am so excited to make this cake for her as our gift to her on her special day.

so, making her cake inspired me to make a quadruple batch of batter so i unfortunately has some left over.... YA RIGHT!!! the cake is a white cake so it was easy for me to add freshly grated lemon zest, and whip up some raspberry buttercream icing. once i was finished with that i made some lemon curd from the box because i didn't have 6 lemons on hand at home and i did not want to go to the store.

my boy decided early in the morning he wanted to have a lemonade stand and i told him that i would make him some cuppies to sell along with his lemonade. he did really well and ended up making $19.50. so i had enough left over from the cake batter to also do up 2 dozen of these lemon raspberry cuppies.

after madly finishing the cupcakes, i started on the cake. it was four layers high, three layers of lemon curd and covered with raspberry icing. it was one of the of the best cakes i have ever made. so good i could have eaten it without the icing and that is usually my favorite part!!

butter and sugar

there is something amazing about butter and sugar. when you put them together, they always make wonderful things. i know they are not good in the quantity that i eat these two food groups in (yes i know they are not a food group), but they always make something warm and delicious.

i love how my house smells when i bake. i love the feeling of being able to make something that people enjoy. i love watching my kids eyes light up when they see the Gert (remember, that's my mixer's name) come out, or a beater being released from the mixer. i love watching them try and lick of every part of their sticky little fingers and i am sure if they could, their head would be in the bowl... i know mine you. right now would be a great time too because i don't have any hair to get dirty in it!

this afternoon after church i decided i needed to make a treat. so after investigating a few options i decided to make whoopie pie's. have you ever had them? they are so easy and SO good. i made some plain vanilla with vanilla icing, vanilla with raspberry buttercream, and sprinkled ones for the kids with the two different fillings. i tried quite a few to make sure they were ok to eat... they were!!