Sunday, July 10, 2011

butter and sugar

there is something amazing about butter and sugar. when you put them together, they always make wonderful things. i know they are not good in the quantity that i eat these two food groups in (yes i know they are not a food group), but they always make something warm and delicious.

i love how my house smells when i bake. i love the feeling of being able to make something that people enjoy. i love watching my kids eyes light up when they see the Gert (remember, that's my mixer's name) come out, or a beater being released from the mixer. i love watching them try and lick of every part of their sticky little fingers and i am sure if they could, their head would be in the bowl... i know mine you. right now would be a great time too because i don't have any hair to get dirty in it!

this afternoon after church i decided i needed to make a treat. so after investigating a few options i decided to make whoopie pie's. have you ever had them? they are so easy and SO good. i made some plain vanilla with vanilla icing, vanilla with raspberry buttercream, and sprinkled ones for the kids with the two different fillings. i tried quite a few to make sure they were ok to eat... they were!!

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  1. they look way good you should post the recipe! I love deserts but am not brave enough to try making my own. I'd love to try any recipes you think are worth making. How did you get into baking? I feel like I would mess everything up.