Thursday, June 23, 2011

some cuppies!

i really want to be able to have more posts on this blog than my other blog, but i am sadly catching up quickly with the other.... wish i had more energy for cakes. but i am happy that i was able to crank out a few cuppies this time!! it felt so good to do something creative again. not so good to clean up the mess which is still pretty much a mess... i'll do what i can. my babe will eat the left over and probably lick the counter clean so i think i am covered.

i wanted to do something fun for my hubby's work so i made some gold themed cakes this time. i thought they turned out ok. i love how i always learn something(s) when i am doing this, like next time my flag poles will have to somehow be stronger. or the flag be lighter. all i know is when i went to bed there were 6 erect flags, and when i woke up this morning there were three, and two of them broke after i took some pic's. whatever... there are better things to worry about.

this time i tried a swiss something buttercream (freakin' chemo brain!!). it is not as sweet as the other buttercream i make, but ken thought it was really good. not my fave because it wasn't sweet enough, but it is b.e.a.u.-tiful to work with. i am excited to try it a bit more often.

so i decorated them with gold tee's, flag poles, golf balls and that little circle thing is supposed to represent an argyle print of a golf shirt... didn't really turn out how i had planned but i have a better idea for next time as to what i will do!

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