Monday, May 2, 2011

my birthday cake!

i had a few people offer to make my birthday cake. it was so sweet! but i honestly needed to do it. i had a few cakes that i was supposed to do before i found out we had cancer, my girlfriend's baby shower cake... it was going to be so cute, and my boys 7th! birthday cake. but i was not in the head space to do it. so, before i start chemo, i wanted to do to my cake.
i wanted it to be bright and girly. i think it turned out that way! i loved it!! it was three layers of vanilla/oreo cake filled with oreo buttercream and a vanilla custard. the best part of it was making it with my mom and dad even got his hand in there.


  1. It's beautiful!! I LOVE girly cakes. Happy birthday, again! I really like the variety of flowers/shapes/sizes. Keep caking friend!