Monday, March 29, 2010

more to come

i have been busy the past few weeks creating messes and cakes. covering my kitchen in a coat of icing sugar is something that is quickly becoming the norm in our home and i am getting REALLY good at it! if it is not all over the counter, there is icing chunks all over the floor which my babe loves. it is a race to get to it and see who can grab it first - me to get it into the garbage, or him to get it into his mouth. i usally lose as he is fast and closer to the floor than me... oh well, i am helping his immune system everytime i lose i guess.

last week had me busy with making three cakes. one for the office where my husband works, one for a church function that we had, and one for a special little boy. it was a fun and exhausting week. i have a few more cakes to do up this week and i was going to start tonight but i decided to take a night off from cleaing the kitchen from my cake creations and play around on here instead. i am not that great at blogging and even less great at figuring out how to work this site.... hoping my hubby can give me a hand.

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