Sunday, July 18, 2010

lots to do

well hello my friends. i haven't been on here in a while and i have a lot to update, including a really great recipe for some super easy truffles! first of all, my girlfriend asked me to do a 10th anniversary cake for her and her hubby. she wanted something that they would all enjoy and represent them as a family. so we came up with the idea of a boat. i have never, obviously, done that before. but it was a great challenge and had quite a few firsts that went with it.... like trying to make people!

my Mom made these.... ummmm.... creepers! it was late and we couldn't stop laughing. she wanted them to be realistic. they were a little too realistic in a really creepy way. needless to say, she felt a little rejected when i rejected them.

this was the boat that we came up with. it is more "fun" instead of "realistic". but it has their family with them and they are doing something they all love, together. i was glad that they were happy with it. it was cute.


  1. Loved your boat! Did you end up making the final people? I must say I am lucky to have Terann, she took sculpting classes so if I ever need any she is my go to person! I would suck! Your cakes are great:)

  2. Your so sweet Heather! Ya it is a bit tricky to sculpt things like that... really tricky at 1am! lol