Friday, September 24, 2010

about me.

i just thought that i would write a few things about myself that you may not know. of course having to do with cakes.

- i LOVE cake, but i do not like chocolate cake. if i am utterly desperate, i will eat it, but i can go without. i find this weird, because i love chocolate. oh well, one less thing to help me gain weight.

- i often fall asleep at night thinking about designing cakes. it drives me crazy when i am really tired but i cannot turn my brain off.

- i am not very good with icing. i have a hard time smoothing it out and i have high expectations of myself... like perfection. i am not perfect - i know this is not a shock. but i expect it when it comes to making something.

- while i am creating in our kitchen, i have to constantly clean up after myself. i always have to tell myself to get the cake (or whatever i am working on) into the oven and then i will have time to clean. this is a hard concept for me. i don't know if it's because our kitchen is so small and there is no room when i am caking, or if it is because i thrive on organization, or because i am a bit of a clean freak. i can have truck stop toilets (well not that bad) but dang it, my kitchen better be clean!

- nothing to do with caking, but i still don't know how to spell toilet (spell check saved my life) and i often have a problem with vacuum. yes, i am 30.

- i am not a great cook, but i can make a mean dessert.

- a year and a half ago, lining a cake pan with parchment paper was too much work and 'how could anyone ever have time for this crap'... well now i do. and i love it.

- a year and a half ago decorating a cake consisted of call DQ to get an ice cream cake. (i still love those!)

- my husband and i argue often when it comes to decorating a cake. it's messy, chaotic and our kids are ALWAYS, ummmmmm, being kids?

- i often get confused because i have 25 things going on in my brain at one time, baking, icing, leveling, filling, changing a baby's bum (my hands are like sandpaper because i wash so frequently. so don't worry, if you get a cake from me it will be e-coli free! should that be my new catch phrase? kidding!), tinting, cleaning, lunch, snacks, getting pans out, putting pans away, making flowers, people, characters... it goes on and on and drives me until i notice i am standing in my kitchen, useless and not doing anything except staring at something, usually the mess.

- i usually leave things until last minute. bad habit and i would probably have less stress if i started working on things sooner than later.

- i love licking out the bowl, except i use a spatula so i can get most of the batter.

that is probably boring and long enough so i will stop there. i really love decorating and coming up with ideas for cakes. i feel like every cake i make is a huge accomplishment and i love watching (in a non-creepy way) people enjoy my cakes. i am thankful for this God given talent and i pray that i will be able to do it until i am either perfect at it (and then continue on with decorating), or really, really old!

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  1. ummm, I say clean freak... Which is the only reason i have ever wondered how you can do it... I know your super crafty, but I know what a mess cake decorating is! not only to I sanitize before and during and after, I also have to wash the floor after, cause I get icing everywhere!
    Great blog G, love it!