Monday, June 14, 2010

is Spiderman really that ripped??

this past saturday i finished up working on a cake who featured none other than Spiderman. i was at first excited to try and do a 2d image of him, sailing through the air. that didn't work. i couldn't see the picture under the red fondant and i had wasted enough time looking on line trying to figure out how to do this technique. i actually think that i got sidetracked looking at MORE cakes! yup, i am sure that is what happened.

so anyways, i ripped a picture out of w's coloring book and did a colorflow. so that is where the title of this post comes from. i was trying to get all his muscles in there, abs, arms, neck, legs... i am sure that i now have some new muscles in my hands from working him out! in the end i was happy with how he turned out from a distance.

up close and personal it looked like he had leprosy or a serious acne problem. i am not sure which, but i think it is because i had to try and get the colored color flow so far down into the black outline. but like i said, from a distance he looked pretty good.

next up was getting him onto the cake. i wanted it to look old school comic, so i put the buildings on an angle and then i squeezed/squoze (pretty sure one of those or both aren't words) some fondant through a garlic press to try and make some stringy web. it worked out ok too! then i put it all together and called up my lovely client to come and pick up the hero. i didn't want to risk the babe getting into it in the morning while i was getting ready for church. so i said good bye to him after a small photo shoot, and now i am eagerly waiting for my next cake to come into play. only a few days away!

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