Monday, June 14, 2010

it's been a while... again.

i have been busy as of late. i am a SPOILED girl, who was lucky enough to convince her charming and handsome husband to let her purchase a cricut. my first project with it was to decorate a birthday cake for my girlfriends husband for his 29th birthday. after farting around with the gumpaste for 5, yes, that is right, 5 hours, i finally gave up and decorate the ugliest cake that i have ever made. this is what it looked like...

just kidding, as if i would show you! hahaha. take my word for it, seriously ugly... like second guessing my self as being somewhat talented at decorating cakes. it made a boil look good. alright, sick i know, it wasn't that bad, but a close second.

anywho, i finally phoned the cricut hot line (don't know if that was what it was really called but it was hot line enough for me!) and the cutest lady from Utah told me that i needed to freeze the fondant/gumpaste for 5 or more minutes before i cut it. and you know what - it worked! i was so excited. so from there i finished the cupcakes that i was making for the girlies that my friend and i visit teach, sent my girlfriend out the door with her ugly cake and was on my way out the door as well.

so without further babble, here are the cute little cupcakes.
i was told that they were good which is always nice to hear. i did have to send out a small apology as i accidentally "lost" (seriously i tried getting it out but it got away) an eggshell in the cupcake. two of the girls told me that they ate them so fast that they would have never noticed. LOVE IT - there is more than just one of me in this world!

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  1. I want to see the ugly cake! I am sure it wasn't boil ugly!
    I cannot believe you convinced him on the cricut so soon after the bosch! Good job! Shane still thinks he doesn't have to buy me a present because he got me a Kitchen Aid last year! Goof!
    You deserve the Cricut, have fun with it!