Monday, February 21, 2011

gingerbread is not just a good cookie!

i made this cake for an office for Christmas. it was a gingerbread cake with beer in it! i don't drink so i felt pretty stupid going into the store and asking where the beer even was. but i found it. it was a dark something-or-other, in with a purple label. it had a hint of chocolate behind it, so i was told. so i snapped it up and came home. i was so proud of myself because i actually kind of created the recipe for it so i was really excited. (all i really did was combine 2 recipes and make one that i thought would be good, but i am still calling it my very own! well i did modify it and make it mine.) the ginger in it was actual chunks of crystallized ginger and that was the highlight... it was delish!

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