Monday, February 21, 2011

valentine's day fun

for the month of february, i think i have been baking almost every day. i still have two more cakes to finish before the end of the week and i am really tired, but still excited to finish them up. i LOVE to decorate, just incake.... um, ya, tired.... just in case you didn't know. i have them both baked and one half iced so i am almost to my favorite part!!! but before you get to see them (they aren't even done yet so you can't because i don't completely know what they are going to look like yet) i will show you what i came up with for the rest of this month.

some for birthdays...

some for school....

and some for my sweeties to decorate! they really did a good job and had a lot of fun. i just love these little stinkers!

hope your valentine's day was a hoot!

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